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about jacob's road

The Message
We want everyone to understand that no one knows us better than God.  He sees it all, from our greatest triumph to our greatest failure, and yet, there is no one who loves us more than He does.  He is our Father and our Savior, and only through His grace can we be made whole.  This is our heart.  This is our message.

The Reason
We believe God has equipped us with a passion for worship and a gift for music.  Because of God's love for us, and because of the grace we've received from Him, we have a burning desire to use the tool He's provided (music) to engage people in our passion (worship).  We long to bring everyone who listens into a very real, very intimate encounter with our Savior.  We are truly grateful to have the chance to share God with a generation of people who feel they've lost all sense of hope.  Without His love, we are nothing--and so we glorify Him with everything He has given to us.

The Sound
We use a contemporary rock sound to deliver the Word of God in a sincere way.  Listeners will feel encouraged by the dynamic rhythms and melodies brought forth in the music.  Be it an intimate, "cafe" setting with just a guitar, or a large "concert-style" venue with a full band, we have the flexibility to deliver worship and/or entertainment based on the needs of the specific event.  Influenced by many artists, but with a sound that is uniquely ours, we are driven to present Christ in an exciting way!

Who is Carrie Robey?
God and music have long been the strongest forces in Carrie's life; however, it was not until heading for college in '95 that she began to see the truth of His will for her.  Seeing the truth and actually acting on it are two different things though-- it's taken Carrie years to finally jump into the current of God's will for her.  (And she'd assure you that life is MUCH more peaceful now that she's done it!!)  While Carrie has lead worship and performed at churches and camps throughout the country and the West Indies, she says she will never tire of seeing God move in the hearts of His people.  Carrie is so grateful for God's mercy and grace in her life, and she longs to share His love with others every chance she gets! 

Who is Mark Robey?
Mark  has been faithfully pursuing the gifts and callings of God since January 1, 1987.  "As I grow in Christ," he says, "I have had opportunities to lead worship in churches, camp meetings, prison outreaches, city-wide, and state-wide youth conventions throughout the United States and Great Britain."  He strives to daily seek God and pray about what He has in store for him.  "We live in the real world, and what I hope to convey to people is this:  Daily seek Him in the secret place, and want nothing more than to be in the middle of His presence.  The rest will take care of itself!"