"The Journey" lyrics and liner notes

Scream | I See You | Run Away | I'm Yours | All That You Are | Chris' Song
Nothing | Changing Me, Chaning You | I Choose Trust | You Ugly | Escape

Scream [top]
Romans 8:31-39

Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell
Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG

I’ve never been so blown away
it’s never been this real before
I thought You were everything
but now You are so much more
You jumped off the page
now we’re face to face
as I heard Your truth as You scream
you will never be denied
you are my child
I will love you forever
you can hold on to Me
I am all that you need
I will love you forever

You made all the pieces fit
even those outside the lines
and what the world could never get
You found a way to rhyme
and suddenly I
am so captured by
the thundering flood as You scream

I See You
Jeremiah 29:11-13

Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell/Hagan

Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG/Haganmuze

stumbling again
the light has grown so dim
now I know I’ll be alright
I know I’m not alone
I just need to hear those words
that lead me on
say it to my heart
say it to my heart
I see you
I see you
say it to my heart
say it to my heart
I see you
I see you

My security
that lies within Your hands
it feels so out of reach
I’m crying out to You
I long to hear You speak those words
that set me free
{say You’ll be my friend
say You won’t give up when I give in to my fear
say You’ll always hold me close
always draw me near
never let me go
oh I need to hear}

Run Away [top]
Psalms 139
Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell/Davis
Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG/A Life of Rhyme

There is no place that You have not created
there is no stone that has ever been too jaded
no wall ever kept You out/ no hand ever kept You down
from the beginning of the sun
there is no time, no dark after the lights have faded
run away, run away
I could never run away, run away
run away run away
I could never run
where could I go from Your presence?

Like the air to the earth You are all around me
more than any wonder, You astound me
my arms only reach so far
but no matter where they are
they can always touch Your face
anywhere I go, Your love will find me
{every road leads me right back to You}

I’m Yours  [top]
Romans 5:1-8; 7:14-15
Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell/Davis
Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG/A Life of Rhyme

half of me walks on the water
half of me walks on the shore
half of me stands here satisfied
the other half longs for more
half of me knows You’re the answer
half of me is insecure
even in the middle of this constant tug of war
I’m Yours
and You are greater
You are bigger than anything
that’s all I need to understand
I’m Yours
and You are higher
You are stronger than anything
that’s all I need to understand

half of me knows I’m able
half of me feels like Cain
half of me feels forgiven
the other half feels shame
half of me knows I’m ready
half of me needs more time
even in these moments when the truth’s so hard to find
{there’s nothing I can say
there’s nothing I can do
nothing that can take me away from You}

All That You Are
Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell/Foster
Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG

here I am
down at the altar
before Your throne of grace
in this moment
I’m captivated
Lord, this is all I can say
You are wonderful
every day I fall down before You
giving You praise in the light of the truth
glory beyond all the words of my heart
worshiping You for all that You are

standing in awe
of all of Your wonder
You have been so good to me
I hold in my heart
every reason
Lord, You are worthy to receive

Chris’s Song [top]
Romans 10:9, 13
Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell/Hagan/Foster
Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG/Haganmuze

Sometimes a salvation experience isn’t sweet and happy.  Sometimes it’s desperate and angry.  When my friend came to know Christ, she was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Her prayer? “God, I don’t know how much I have to believe in You for You to love me.  But I do believe.  And if there’s anything that You can do with me?  Well…I’m asking You to show up and heal me.  There’s simply no one else who can.”  That’s where she started.  And you know what?  God showed up in a BIG way--and He’ll do it for you, too.  Just take a step…It’s not about your words.  It’s about your heart.

broken and bruised
tired and used
I just can’t take the face I see in the mirror
torn up and burned down
blinded and turned around
I can’t live like this anymore
I come to You
can You heal me
can You heal me
there’s no one else
can You heal me
can You heal me?

diffused and left undone
shut out and so alone
I know something has to change
condemned and turned away
cast out and lead astray
what else is there to say?

Nothing [top]
Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell

Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG

All my life just seems to be a picture
of the love that You have shown
the more I live the more I want to see it
the more I want to know
how to follow Your heart
be where You are
I wanna be where You are
somewhere is just nowhere
without You there
something is just nothing
and I don’t care that I
I could search the whole wide world
and find a place to hold on to
but it would be nowhere
and nothing without You

I have seen the sunny skies
and the thunder and the rain
as I long as I know this is Your way
they all look the same
as long as I follow Your heart
be where You are
I wanna be where You are

Changing Me, Changing You  [top]
2nd Corinthians 5:17
Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Foster
Publishing:  j-road publishing

you saw the look in my eyes, my friend
you heard the words that I said
and now you’re wondering why
there is life in a heart that was so dead
well it’s not the turn of the weather
and it’s not the change of the scene
it’s not anything that’s around me
it’s that I have been set free
and there’s no place I’d rather be
than here in this moment with you
and I’m on the edge of my seat
just to see the love that’s changing me
changing you

I’ve felt the pain of regret
I’ve felt the pull of my doubt
but Jesus died to save my life
and I’ve got to tell you how
He has given me a new song
He’s replaced all my fear with peace
He is joy, He is truth
He is hope, He is life
oh how I want you to see
{ no matter where you are right now
His love will find you
just call on His name and you’ll see how
His love will change you}

I Choose Trust [top]
Proverbs 3:5-6; Romans 8:28

Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Ingram/Mizell

Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG/Word

This song is for Carrie’s big brother, Jason.  Jason, I was really mad at God because you got sick. But then you taught me to rejoice in LIFE, and you taught me that I don’t need all the answers.  All I need is Jesus.  HE is my answer.  You’re my big brother superhero…I hope you know that.

why do bad things happen to good people
people that I love
I spend so much time just trying to fill in the blanks
a reason for this rhyme
but I only find myself more angry
and I only find myself confused
I choose trust
when I cannot stand
though I would take a different road if this were in my hands
but what I can’t see is how You redeem
all of this brokenness
to bring down Your holiness
so I choose trust

Lord, You know my pain
cause I am the reason that You gave Your son away
and this is my peace
knowing that You will not be shaken
and that You are holding me
so when I find myself more anxious
and when I find myself confused

You Ugly  [top]
Romans 3:23; Romans 8:1

Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell
Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG

Ok, so you have to hear it live to make any sense out of it.  Let us help you:  It’s simple. We’re ugly because of our sin.  We are made new and whole because of the Cross.  Praise God—it’s ALRIGHT!

you ugly
and your momma dresses you funny
that’s all you ever heard when you were growin’ up in school
sit in the corner
just keep your mouth shut
no one wants to hear a fool
don’t you know the way that you are
it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
God only looks at your heart
and it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright

tomorrow (ahhhhh)
when you wake up in the morning
don’t let every stick and stone
break them bones
sit in the front row
open your mouth, and tell ‘em what it’s all about

Romans 12:1-2
Lyrics and Music:  Robey/Robey/Mizell
Publishing:  j-road publishing/BMG

for so long I tried so hard to find some peace
searching everywhere for something to release me
but all I found were different shades of the same grey
that locked me up inside
until I turned to You
this is the day I lay it down
let the world fall away
from all the chains that held me bound
I escape it all
into Your love, into Your grace
let it all surround me now
Lord, You are my great escape

from now on, I make the choice to follow You
cause You’re the only One I’ve ever found to be true
and for the first time, I can see a ray of light
it’s shining through
when I turn to You